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Retainer fees can now be paid online. Payments can also be made through your Square Cash account or Venmo. Contact Will for any updates to fees and for Square Cash or Venmo usernames.

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Please Contact Will Stout if you have questions about the retainer fee.

To Retain Will Stout enter the name of the law firm or attorney's name and case name.

Retainer Fees

Additionally, Please download, sign and return the Retainer Fee Agreement by email or U.S. Mail.

In order to retain Will Stout the Initial Retainer Fee must be paid. The Initial Retainer Fee is based on 10 hours of work, research and reports and 5 hours of depositions and/or court room testimony.

This fee is twenty five hundred dollars ($2500). This minimum, Initial Retainer Fee is required. Will Stout is retained solely by the Attorney and no financial relationship exists between Will Stout and the Attorney's Client. The Attorney is solely responsible for all fee payments. Any surplus that remains after the initial billing is completed will be refunded to the paying Attorney.

Retainer Update A and Retainer Update B should only be paid after speaking with Will Stout. The Retainer Update Fees are paid when the initial retainer falls below eight hundred dollars ($800) and additional time, depositions, court time, or travel arrangements are needed to complete the case.

Fee Summary


One hundred fifty dollars ($150) per hour for services including, but not limited to, review, research and analysis: reports, conferences, site visitation and survey where appropriate together with a review of all discovery materials and any other materials deemed necessary to reach and render an opinion in the subject litigation.


The fee for depositions is two hundred dollars ($200) per hour.


The fee for trial appearance and testimony is two hundred dollars ($200) per hour.


All invoices are due and payable upon receipt and can be paid by credit card through PayPal.

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